DR BRENDA'S HOLISTIC PET SERVICES (250) 932-5552 in the Cowichan Valley 'Radical Wellness For Pets'
DR BRENDA'S HOLISTIC PET SERVICES (250) 932-5552  in the Cowichan Valley 'Radical Wellness For Pets' 

Welcome to Dr Brenda's Holistic Pet Services               for Radically Healthy Dogs & Cats

Radical means "going to the root or origin, pertaining to what is fundamental, far-reaching and thorough"

-oxford dictionary

Dr. Brenda Bernhardt provides professional, caring, non-emergency, holistic wellness support for your pets at their homes in the Cowichan Valley.  Wellness consultations by telephone are also available!

  • housecalls
  • wellness consults
  • herbal and natural healing products
  • health certificates
  • nutrition consults
  • organic nutritional products
  • hospice/supported end of life care 
  • private euthanasias
  • telephone consultations
  • vaccinations only when necessary

Dr Brenda Bernhardt graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine with Great Distinction in 1994.  She has worked mixed practice, emergency and small animal practice as a locum, an associate and as a practice owner.  In 2000, she established Cowichan Veterinary Services and now practices Radical Wellness.  Radical means going to the root or origin; pertaining to what is fundamental, far-reaching, and thorough” (Oxford Dictionary) She offers housecall and telephone consultations focusing on species appropriate nutrition and holistic wellness.


Dr Bernhardt is an keen follower of Hippocrates (450 B.C.) the Father of Medicine, supporting our pet's incredible ability to heal, letting food be their medicine, and above all - not causing harm.  

She is a member/supporter of:  the B.C. College of Veterinarians, the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies, the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, the Council of Canadians,  the David Suzuki Foundation, Mercy For Animals Canada, the Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals, Compassion in World Farming and the Permaculture/Transition movement.  

She is a devotee of the natural world, a practicing permaculturalist, a wild-crafter, maker of radical food and wellness products for pets, a sailor and proud Guardian of Cody, Max, Kink, and Keeper and a flock of Heritage hens.

Dr Bernhardt is currently writing a book entitled:  'Radical Wellness For Pets'.  

Check out her line of organic wellness products for your pets on the website - they're all available right here on-line OR at Lucky Dog U Bath and Urban Daycare in Duncan.




"Compassion is not religious business, it is human business.  It is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability.  It is essential for human survival."

-Dalai Lama


Check out Dr. Brenda's new line of organic wellness products for radically healthy pets!

Now available on line!!!


For Holistic Veterinary Care

for your dogs and cats

at your home call:


Telephone Consults are also available

Dr. Bernhardt is pleased to announce that the housecall vehicle for Cowichan Veterinary Services is  running on biodiesel from Cowichan Biodiesel Co-op in Duncan.  

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